Frequently Asked Questions


  • We provided a personal loan to another consumer and want to report their payment history to the credit bureaus?
  • How does a business report credit?
  • What is the Metro 2 format?
  • What should a business look for in Metro 2 credit reporting software?
  • Does a business need a contract to report credit to a credit bureau?
  • National Credit Bureau Contacts, Reporting Minimums & Requirements
  • When reporting trade lines to one credit bureau, will the trade lines show with the other credit bureaus?
  • How long does it take the Credit Repositories to update accounts after submission?
  • We do not meet the minimum number of accounts to report to the credit bureaus. What are our options?
  • What is 3rd party processing/stacking?
  • What to look for in a 3rd party processor?
  • What are the benefits of reporting credit?


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